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Facilitator of the needs of Investors and Project Developers

Securitization, instructions for use ! 

Securitization is a financial technique allowing the elaboration of a financial product in the form of a share or a bond (Luxembourg regulation of March 22, 2004), subscribed by investors for the benefit of a dedicated project holder (according to the official investment brochure).

Who are we?

Breedewee Titrisation is the department of Maison Breedewee in charge of developing our Luxembourg securitisation activity.

Maison Breedewee has developed a business network consisting of:

on the one hand, business leaders and project holders in need of funds

on the other hand, investors looking for targets to finance

Breedewee Titrisation's objective is to meet the growing financial needs of these players (project owners and investors).

Breedewee Titrisation builds a financial product (share or bond), subject to the Luxembourg law of 22 March 2004. The issue of this security by the securitisation company, subscribed by investors, will be invested in the project holder in accordance with the investment brochure.

The objective for the Investor is to obtain an attractive return in line with its profitability/risk ratio.

The objective of the Project Sponsor is to obtain the necessary financing for the development of its project under well-defined conditions.

Breedewee Titrisation  maximises the chances of satisfying the respective objectives of the Investor and the Project Sponsor thanks to the set of skills grouped together within Maison Breedewee.

Indeed Breedewee Titrisation  analyzes the economic and financial profitability of the project.

Choose our team of experts who benefit from recognized expertise and a size that allows us to satisfy and anticipate all your securitisation needs.

Why luxembourg?

Luxembourg is politically stable, its public debt is very low and its economy, with its proven resilience, is consistently outperforming the EU average.

The global financial community has recognized Luxembourg's sustained competitive advantage with an AAA rating.

The Luxembourg financial centre offers a wide range of financial services connecting investors and markets around the world.

Its unique cross-border expertise attracts international financial services providers, while the infrastructure of its capital markets makes it the ideal place to finance the European and global activities of companies of all sizes.

From the construction of the world's largest investment fund centre to the listing of the world's first green bond, Luxembourg has been a pioneer for many decades.

Always at the forefront of financial innovation, Luxembourg is developing new frameworks for real estate investments following the example of the 2004 law on securitisation. With the number of securitisation vehicles increasing from 610 to 1259 (+8.4% per year) and total assets growing from 116.2 to 278.3 billion euros (+10.2% per year) between the first quarters of 2010 and 2019, Luxembourg's securitisation activities have experienced (almost) continuous growth over the last 9 years. At the end of the second quarter of 2019, the ECB estimated that Luxembourg's securitisation vehicle industry accounted for 13.6% of the euro area industry as a whole.

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